I’ve been teaching at Core Zone Pilates over the past year and have really enjoyed my experience there. The Studio is a beautiful, well-maintained space, furnished exclusively with classical GRATZ apparatus- the finest quality Pilates apparatus in the industry. My clients have expressed nothing but positive feedback about the energy and positive feel of the Studio. Thank you, Kathryn, for offering such a great space for dedicated teachers and students of Contrology!

JLClassically trained instructor

I highly recommend Core Zone Pilates and Kathryn, the owner. She’s been training my patients for many years and is extremely knowledgeable about the body. She adapts to her clients’ needs and is personable. The studio is pristine and warm. I find Pilates to be a great workout as part of overall wellness. I often recommend it to my patients as a way to keep the spine balanced and aligned in between my adjustments, and Core Zone Pilates is a great place to do just this.

Dr. Jamie Blau DCUpper West Side Sports and Wellness, Upper Westside Chiropractic

Core Zone is a great place to start independently on your own while still meeting other highly talented instructors that you can learn from. Clients love the small intimate atmosphere where they are not overwhelmed by group classes but still have the chance to meet other clients and instructors.

Christina ChrangInstructor

An inviting and intimate Pilates studio space with lots of natural lighting. Perfect space to unwind from work stress and focus on yourself. Christina is a highly engaged, talented Pilates instructor who delivers a workout that is both incredibly challenging and always unique.

Kenisha T.

I had been taking Pilates with another instructor for many years who moved out of NYC, and was hoping to find someone who I would click with as well. Kathryn has been that now for almost 2 years. She is a great instructor, knowledgeable about the body, works with your requests and very mindful about injuries. She is always easy to get in touch with and amenable to schedule changes. I feel lucky to have found Kathryn and Core Zone Pilates!

Andrea Safirstein

Core Zone Pilates is a wonderful private studio to work in. It’s open and spacious, containing Gratz equipment and has everything you need. The studio is light and airy. There are hardwood floors, filtered water & an attractive changing room. There’s a fantastic sound system, and if the studio isn’t too full, it’s great to listen to whatever music your client likes. All of the teachers are quiet, respectful and friendly. The owner, Kathryn, has paid attention to details that make the studio beautiful, comfortable and functional. My clients and I enjoy working there.

Faye HonorInstructor

Honestly this studio has changed my life — the instructors are extremely friendly, super helpful and professional (Kathleen is my instructor but they all seem really great). I had never done Pilates before but read so much great stuff about it that I was dying to try it out and am so happy I did. My body has absolutely toned up and it happened so much quicker than I ever expected…and the best part is that it’s actually fun (and I was never a gal who liked working out). I found this place online when I moved to the area last fall and would absolutely recommend it to anyone — and have to a bunch of friends. 🙂

Kris Cetrulo

I have been training with Kathryn at Core Zone Pilates for over 5 years. As a bicoastal individual, I rely on having a trainer on both coasts and Kathryn more than fits the bill when I’m in New York. As a trainer she always tailors my sessions to my many physical limitations (three back surgeries) and age (Pilates isn’t just for the young!) and always tries to get the best out of me. The studio is bright and sunny and has all of the equipment necessary for a maximized session. It’s just the right size to get a sense of privacy even when another trainer and client are working.

I recommend Core Zone Pilates without hesitation.

Shondell Spiegel

I’ve never liked working out but CZ and Kathryn have changed that. The lessons are challenging, instructors encouraging and the studio is light-filled and pleasant with a good vibe (and super clean). I recommend Core Zone.

Kara Kelly

I’ve been working with Kathryn at Core Zone Pilates for four years. After every session I feel an inch taller! I started Pilates after developing back pain. Within weeks the pain was gone. Within a few months my posture had changed. Kathryn is meticulous about form and has a deep understanding of body mechanics. Plus, she’s a wonderful person! The studio is light, airy and immaculate; the equipment is in top shape; and the space is never overcrowded. I wouldn’t want to do Pilates anywhere else!

Eve Yohalem
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